Unleashing the Digital Insurance Transformation

We are a technology company in the business of enabling insurers to provide profitable, customized plans to protect every person on the planet - at a price they can afford

Digital Core Platform

Empowered by Ignatica’s product management and policy administration platform, our clients can launch as many affordable products as they want in a matter of weeks. What this really means is that insurers can expand both their traditional offerings and provide more innovative plans such as Usage Based Insurance and protection for the previously under and uninsured.

Our product management and policy administration platform enables insurance companies to launch new products in weeks and cut their  policy admin expenses by up to 60%.
We enable insurers to quickly build new products that deliver straight through digital client experiences from quote and issue to billing and collections, policy changes, and all the way through to claims, disbursements and policy renewals.

The Ignatica Difference

Ignatica empowers multinational, regional, and digital insurers to define their future success with speed, agility and intelligence.

By seamlessly removing the product launch and policy administration burdens, we enable our clients to create more niche and cost-effective products, to shift their resources to acquiring new customers and, most importantly, to making sure all their customers are satisfied.     

What this really means is that our clients can shift those resurces to focus on getting more customers, launching more diverse products, and to providing insurance to people who can’t find the right plan or a plan they can afford.

Accelerated Time to Market

Fully implement new products in a matter of weeks not months. Perform full product A/B tests. 

Reporting Transparency

Audit and Regulatory compliance reporting is made simple with a transparent record of operational transactions. 

True End to End Digital

Build full digital consumer experiences beyond the front end layer, all the way through. 

Ecosystem Hyperconnectivity

Engineered for connectivity and seamless digital exchange with ecosystem players like e-wallets, e- commerce platforms and mobile digital content. 

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